Night Party
Night Party halloween stories

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What happens when there is a night party?

Night Party

It was October 13th and everyone was getting pumpkins from Night Wood Ranch in the small town of Ryston, Illinois.

Ryston was known for its annual Pumpkin Festival that they celebrate before Halloween as a way to keep the spirits of the dead at peace.

They would take their jack-o-lanterns at Holly Grove Cemetery and place them by the tombstones.

When it was now October 30th and the last jack-o-lantern had been placed by the last tombstone at midnight,

a dense fog appears in the cemetery and one by one spirits of the dead emerge from their graves. The spirits ranged from young children to the elderly and they all gathered in a circle.

Each holding the jack-o-lantern that had been placed by their graves.

Then one of the teen spirits turned on some music and the party began. Each spirit danced to the rhythm of the music which consisted of Halloween music.

Candy was passed around to the child and teen spirits, two elderly spirits talked about their days during the 70s, and one spirit of a mother told scary stories to the child spirits.

Every spirit was having fun dancing, telling stories, and laughing. But soon the fun started to end as it was almost dawn. Each spirit saw the sun about to rise and went back to their graves.

Waiting for next year so they can party again.

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