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Purposely Missed Spelled

How many times does it take for someone to realize something is miss spelled on purpose in any story?or, does it normally require a picture?

In my most recent work I am using the word nightmare, but as a description of a being, I spell it Knightmare for multiple reasons. Although it is not the beings actual name.

I do believe it has been used in many other stories, but I think it probably had a visual to go along with it.

I cannot draw, nor animate with a computer, therefor I cannot produce a good enough picture to make it obvious.

In the scenario that I use it and the reason I use it is because the creature is something from a nightmare.

The frightening part is more along the lines of size, strength, evil eyes, and a demonic laugh. The creature is not like a gross type of horror.

It is more of a tormenting horror that cannot be escaped.

My story is of fighting nature, that is why i am using the word Knight instead of the normal nightmare.

It is not a specific title, I just tend to wait until the last battle with each minor villain takes place before the name is finally said.

I guess I should add, with so many Names creatively taken, I find that the best names may have to be miss spelled with a purpose.

I do not like to use common names in my story and I like to create ones that can relate to the characters powers and/or their home world.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to make sure the reader knows when something is misspelled on purpose, without having to write it in or Illustrate it?

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