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Story about breaking up


by jvw_purple

She hated mornings the most—

waking up to remember it wasn't a dream.

Would the dull throb never go away?

When would she be able to breathe without a hitch?

Why did it have to hurt so much?

She padded to the living room,

notificationless cell phone in hand

slippers sliding along the hardwood floor

because her feet no longer had life in their step.

Mornings had been their time,

after the chaos of kids leaving for school faded and the house was quiet again.

They would sit on the couch and drink endless cups of coffee

the same brand from Holland that she now poured into her soup bowl sized cup.

Then it was outside

WT time

—walking and talking.

To the outsider,

their snatches of conversations about friends, family, and food, held no substance

but to them,

it struck at their souls and hearts

as they spoke about love, loss, and life.

She clutched for dear life

the edge of the porcelain sink they had picked out together

a better choice

than stainless for the French provincial kitchen

Her eyes squinted in the sunlight,

the view from the window a travesty.

It was an absurdly beautiful day;

the sky was Delft blue

with a sprinkling of cumulus clouds

that reminded her

of the days they spent on their backs in the school yard

laughing at the faces in the shapes

Springtime had come at last

after a brutal winter

The grass was steadily headed towards the color green

that vibrated when you looked at it

while the flowers, bit by bit,

poked their stems from out of the soft black earth

To her, it was still


dark, cold, the earth devoid of life

Tears welled in her eyes

as the hot, bitter liquid burned her tongue

and traveled down her throat

no more sugary sweetness

she no longer walked to keep fit

She was too afraid of running into


her best friend,

no more

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