The I's Do Not Have It
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I often write in the first person and this is an exercise I do to stop the monotony of the "I"

The I's Do Not Have It

by jvw_purple

I took a walk. I needed to rest. I wanted a drink. I laid down. I fell asleep.

I took a walk.

I decided to take a walk on a spring afternoon.

I needed to rest.

My feet carried me for miles until exhaustion made me stop.

I laid down.

My bed was a carpet of grass, my blanket the sun.

I wanted a drink.

Thirst gripped a hold of me as if it was an old adversary intent on admonishing me for past transgressions and only under the cooling of my throat did the rebuke cease.

I fell asleep.

My shutters drew down and the silence became golden. The breeze carried me to a magical kingdom that sat on top of a rocky mountain buffered by a roaring sea.

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