The End Of It All
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jvw_purpleAuthor on Wattpad
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Excerpts from a prologue to a book I'm writing.

The End Of It All

by jvw_purple

This wasn't happening; this wasn't happening.

The words were on a loop inside his head

There must be some mistake

They had just made love that morning

He had murmured her name

And his love for her over and over—

Their lovemaking leaving them

both breathless at the end

And afterward,

he had placed his hand

On her still flat abdomen

And kissed through her skin,

His unborn child

Sirens blared in his ear as the police escort

With red and blue flashes,

Zoomed past to take the lead

His driver followed,

expertly zigzagging through cars

The ride only took twelve minutes,

but to him, it was as if a lifetime had passed

He was hot, he was sweating, and it was hot

His mouth was devoid of spit, but his hands were moist with perspiration

Someone took his arm, but he jerked it away

Please follow me, Sir...

He followed behind the voice to the elevator

His legs wobbled like jell-o

And the loop had begun again in his mind

He ran his hands through his hair

stopping midway as he gripped the strands tight

A low moan

Coming from the pit of his stomach

Escaped through his mouth

The elevator stopped

And he squeezed through the doors

Where, where— he began,

choking on his voice in a haste to get the words out

The girl at the desk just sat there mutely

Her mouth agape

as she took in his disheveled appearance

Someone grabbed his arm again

and led him down

A bright corridor,

his tunnel vision clouding the edges

At the end of the passageway

He was ushered through double wide push doors

And into a sterile room

At the center of the table

A box of tissues, housed in a bright spring flower container

Stood out like a beacon of despair

The brightness of the box hurt his eyes

So he moved his focus to the opposite wall

There was a glass window

That looked out into what he presumed to be another room

The viewing area

Something... no someone was covered with a sheet

A man dressed in green scrubs and a white coat

Stopped and without any fanfare,

pulled back the sheet

And there she lay

He blurred her face with his tears,

He quickly wiped them away

with the back of his hand

While his mouth worked furiously

no sound coming out

Her dark hair was shiny and luxurious,

and it framed her pale face in gentle waves

Her long lashes touched her cheeks

And her lips were still rosy

She looked peaceful—but

Her head

was at an odd angle to her body, even the sheet couldn't hide that

Someone was talking,

placing their hands on him

Car accident...

Swerved to avoid a child...

Utility pole...

Dead at the scene

He sank to the floor

His knees banged

against the tile in a jarring manner

But the pain was nothing compared

to what he was feeling inside his chest

As his heart tore in two

Sounds escaped him then,

Deep moans

And sharp breaths

Became intermittent

with racking sobs that contorted his frame

She was gone,

And she had taken his soul

with her

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