No Sugar
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jvw_purpleAuthor on Wattpad
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Commaful story that spawned a book on Wattpad

No Sugar

by jvw_purple

She looked high

She looked low

Cupboards were opened and closed with a bang

No freakin' sugar to be found anywhere

The batter waited for the last ingredient

And for the pan to be put in the oven

To come out piping hot

Full of decadent sweetness

to be consumed

while watching her favorite chick flicks

guaranteed to make her cry, alone

As usual

on Valentine's Day

No flowers

No chocolate

And no kisses...ever


A sound in the hallway!

He's home...

Surely the new neighbor has some sugar?

He always has plans, though

A good looking guy like that

It wouldn't take long

Just a second to borrow some

She coiffed her hair in the hallway mirror,

pooh-poohing her reflection

then crossed the ocean of no return

And knocked

Feet shuffled and stopped, the chain scraping back

A spattering of dark chest hair,

skin pulled tight over muscles, arm flexing as he leaned against the door

Can I help you?

Just some sugar, please

She raised the measuring cup as she held air from her lungs

heart beating a rhythm of yearning

underneath the red cotton sweater she wore

He eyed her slowly,

from the feet up, the heat rising inch by inch

Until her hair was on fire

His tongue clicked behind his teeth,

green flecked caramel eyes slowly melting her insides as he spoke in a low Southern drawl

Is that all you want... Sugar?

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