Needful Obsession
Needful Obsession mystery2016 stories

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Needful Obsession

by jvw_purple

Where is it!?!

He couldn't sleep

without it

He had to have it

Anxiety crawled up him

like a scorpion

tail arched and ready to strike

Fire burned in his belly

and his face felt feverishly hot

Someone would pay

Someone had taken

what he needed

The angry tears were close

threatening to seep out at any moment

as he went from room to room

His head whipping around

on ball bearings as he searched

The walls came closer

and the ceiling lowered

His face was full on red

huffs of anxious air came from his lungs

up through his throat

and out of his mouth

He took the stairs quickly

sliding several times on the polished wood

saving himself from a nasty tumble

by gripping the banister just in time




while his anxiety reached a fevered pitch

The voices ceased

when he barged into the room

His fists bawled at his sides

mouth screwed up in frustration

All eyes were upon him

and the curiosity in their stares

made his anger come forth

like a flaming sword

Where is it!?!

A finger pointed to the chair

and there it was

His Teddy

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