The Whole
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jvbertin Community member
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I tried my best to express to you, how i feel we should be.

The Whole

You're a fragile person due to lack of understanding, of how y'all misunderstand personality.

Remove this pressure from your heart, let them fall apart as you show your mind, this mask may be too harsh to be true, so hold it tightly, like you shouldn't.

When in dreams, feel my senses tapping waves like fishes on the sea, expanding pineal as eternity reaches through time my ears, i see.

As well we shall, show light as all grow, so that may be at one point, one be whole.

Part of the process, we try our best. So many tests, not those that they impose, but ones you seek to relieve your purpose.

In this dangling mess of reasons and causes, we sustain the prisons, who took life of those who feel it.

Part of the dream, i write down these lines, hoping that they find god inside. Not my time or my mind, but as true collective we shall thrive

(This was my first attempt to reach someone with my deepest thoughts, please leave a feedback so i can see what you think about it.)

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