The Aching
The Aching sad stories

justthatgirl I'm very shy about my poems...
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You see that boy in the back,...

The Aching

You see that boy in the back,

That tries to cause other's laughter

Always working to keep up the act.

But what isn’t seen is the after...

We don’t see all the hidden scars

Or the silent stream of tears.

You don’t see how he looks to the stars

The way he’s strangled by his fears.

We never saw the growing cracks

The pieces that slowly fell apart

But now we feel the impacts,

That aching within our heart.

Those who were close, lose the will to start

The strained feeling around friends

The empty feelings in our heart

These emotions that no one comprehends

If only someone had seen the signs

Or if he had asked for a hand

Maybe then we wouldn’t be forced to resign

To this aching we will never understand...

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