justshutupxdA writer making the world brighter
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by justshutupxd


So many times it is referred to as something that in theory isn’t as important as it really is.

It’s simply a word used to relate to one or more people including the one whom is speaking.

But so many people aren’t able to ever use we.

So many are alone in so many things.

It's rather sad really.

Over seven billion people in the world,

And so many feel as if they are alone.

Some of which who don’t seem to be alone to those around them.

Someone who could be your best friend.

Or your sister.

And you would never know.

Sometimes that's harder to comprehend than we would expect but it really is simple.

If only some people would take the time to ask how your day is going.

Or what you’ve been thinking about.

So much could change.

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LostInMyDreamsDelving deeper into the unknown
7 months agoReply
Wow! I never looked at it that way. I've felt alone and never thought during that time that it was just "me" or "I". I never thought about everything I went through I couldn't say "We". This is a brilliant post. And we really do need more people who genuinely care. So many people are programmed to say, "How are you doing?" simply as a greeting. Most expect you to say "okay" and keep it moving. I know I had to get out of that habit and keep it to a simple "hi" or " hello"! I was getting WAY more information from some people. But if I open that can of worms then I will at least listen if the person decides to get some free therapy! Awesome post! This is a real eye opener.

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
7 months agoReply
I think you have come up with a new personality disorder. The "We deficit syndrome" You did a marvelous job plotting and writing this wonderful piece. Your message is true and it saddens me that it is so widespread. Great post!!!!!