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I am toxic.
I love you till you bleed.


I am toxic.

I love you till you bleed.

I love you till I'm so far into your head that you start seeing constellations mid-afternoon.

Flecks of black in sunflowers.

The miasma so heavy in your heart that you wish you never learned how to love me.

I love till you start noticing all the smoke webbed into your skin. All of the patterns. The screaming. The apologies.

You start questioning whether you ever loved me or if it was just the loneliness that drove you into my arms.

You start questioning your sanity. Never mine.

I manipulated you into liking the person that I am.

I show myself off as the prey. Soft, beautiful, intelligent.

Until you realize that I've been the predator all along.

That there's venom on my tongue.

That I'm watching your every move and I'll eat you alive every time you stagger down to my front porch, begging for forgiveness.

You say you're the toxic one.

We both ask for forgiveness.

We plead to each other until the other one breaks.

Until we decide that yes, it must've been your fault all along.

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