One Morning That Would Mean Nothing To You
One Morning That Would Mean Nothing To You morning stories
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One Morning That Would Mean Nothing To You

by justshutupxd

I remember it so clearly.

I rolled over to see your back to me. Your muscles fluttering softly as if you were upset. Staring out the window at something unknown.

I moved quietly to wrap my arms around your waist.

And placed a trail of kisses up your neck. You barely registered my presence. Zoned out of the world and into the quiet place in your mind had always been one of your favorite things to do.

I didn't want to disturb your peace.

But you were worrying me, love. I was suddenly afraid of why you hadn't noticed me yet. Of why I meant nothing this morning. I guess I should've been.

Less than two weeks later

I had to wrap all these pretty little thoughts around the fact that you were no longer mine. That you had moved on so easily.

I can still see the way the sunlight looked

Coming over your shoulders and lighting up your outline if I only close my eyes.

That morning was the beginning of everything changing.

But I didn't know it yet.

And I'll force myself to not miss you.

Because I need to move on like you have. I need to be able to look and not see you with her. To not see you at all.

To be free.

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