Have You Found Your Peace?
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A message to a dear friend of mine. One I wish she could read.

Have You Found Your Peace?

by justshutupxd

I sit down. And the words I have been thinking, rush away.

I pick up my pencil. Hoping they will come back. So I can tell you every thing you need to hear. That you should have heard. That I should have told you already.

"Dear Squirrel,

I'd much rather write beautiful in that space, but I know how much you hate the idea of that.

"All I can hear running through my head,

Is that song you loved. The one we went to that concert solely to hear it. I ended up falling in love with the band. I bought all of their CDs.

"You were always doing that to me.

Making me listen to one thing and then letting my curiosity run wild until you were satisfied with what I had gotten or done.

"The words play over and over, again and again.

And it pains me to take these words right now, but darling you promised.

"You promised,

That if you found yourself caught in the rain, you'd call my name and I could light up the sky. For you."

I feel my tears run down my cheeks.

And I watch as one splashes to the page below, smearing the last word.

"You promised you'd call,

But you didn't. You sat in the rain and let it drown you.

"But that's what you wanted, isn't it?

You wanted to drown, love.

"You wanted the next greatest adventure.

Did you find it?

"Tell me please.

Tell me you found your peace?"

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