Am I A Regret?
Am I A Regret? regret stories
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justshutupxd A writer making the world brighter
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Am I A Regret?

by justshutupxd

I reread the old messages quietly

Trying my best not to notice the tears.

And wonder what you would say

If you were here.

Probably something along the lines

Of I wish I didn't hurt you.

Or maybe even that you regret

Messing with my mind.

The message I stop on

brings a sob to my throat.

It was from the middle of an argument.

I don't even know what it was about.

"You are my biggest regret" it reads.

But is that all I am? Just a regret?

I should be more than that.

I should be moonlight and bright stars.

Or chocolate covered cherries.

Maybe even words that you can't bring yourself to write.

Because once upon a time

I was all those things and more.

Those memories and nightmares

That kept us both up past dawn.

So don't say I am a regret.

Because that is possibly the worst thing you could say.

Because I don't regret a single moment with you.

Despite all the pain you have caused.

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