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Insurance Agent

In one of my many jobs and self exploration tactics ,I decided to try out being a trainee for an insurance company, hoping to later on join the company full time.

I had many training me in the job at the office where I was working on, everything seem to be going well.

I was doing so well they sent me a week to train with higher positioned personal in order for me to learn more about the job and eventually take my test to become a Certified Insurance Agent,

I was more then excited on my journey to success, I get there at 9:00 a.m , Introduced myself with much confidence as the trainee that was scheduled to come in.

Two lovely ladies introduced themselves Dana and Julissa. They were both very friendly and prompted me to have a seat,after that they began teaching me different stuff about the job.

After we got comfortable with each other,I admitted to Dana that I was wanting to cut the split ends of my hair, She told me how she used to be a beautician before and knew how to cut hair,

if I wanted she would cut mine, in the afternoon when the job gets slow. I totally agreed because I wanted my hair done so bad.

Afternoon came and she set me up on one of the chairs and started cutting my hair.

To my surprise I loved my haircut it was amazing, If you guys thinking that this is all Weird getting my hair cut,

when im supposed to really be taking lessons on how to become an insurance agent,Well you’re totally going to be surprised at what comes up next, After my haircut Dana left to lunch ,

and me and Julissa stayed working. Not sure how the conversation came up , but she admitted to liking girls.

I told her that I was bisexual, And next thing you know she was in the desk and me on the chair and I pulled her panties to the side and y’all already know the rest.

We were at it for about 15 min. Then proceeded to fix ourselves for when Dana got back. When she arrived , I was freaking out at all the events that had transpired during the entire day.

Nevertheless I became an insurance agent and worked at it for about four years.

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