Drink 🍸 up!
Drink 🍸 up! sex stories

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Was I drugged ?or was it the drinks????

Drink 🍸 up!

So I met this chick online, I call her muscle chick, she obviously does steroids her muscles not natural looking, My sexual deprived self and her fast paced let’s Do this,

attitude had me convinced, to meet in person. I rented a car drove 3 hours to Dallas, and we hit it off immediately, we ate,had drinks, talked and started getting ready for the club.

While I was getting dressed we kind of fooled around, kissing, she grinned on me,but no touching or clothes came off, I wanted to leave it for after the club.

I drove there with her n her best friend, another female.

I had a shot of tequila and a beer, we start dancing close, closer and then she would dance around me, flirting and teasing, to the point I start to get annoyed,

cause by this point my panties were soaked.

When the song is done we go sit back down at our table, her friend all smiles, muscle chick all smiles, but I’m feeling like this is a game what did I get myself into,

first off I just wanted to have a one night stand, why bring you’re friend? But whatever. Another round of drinks ??? Ask the waitress, sure put it on my tab I say.

As I look to my right and see a woman that was looking straight at me, with the most thirstiest face I had ever seen, I ask her want to dance?

She obviously red my lips over the music, said yes we began to dance, close, closer , yum so close I start thumping and getting so horny, I grab her closer to me,

by this point we are kissing and making love on the dance floor, while dancing.

The song finishes and we go towards the bar, ask for another round, now pay attention this is where it gets crazy, I blinked and woke up tangled around her legs, naked from the waist down.

Que???? Was my first word means what in Spanish. She wakes up, and I ask her , where are we? She says we left the club last night.

I have never gotten dressed so fast in my life, Oh yeah , I had no phone, no coat, middle of December and I also didn’t have my car keys!

So I’m going to end this short story by asking wtf just happened? Was it the drinks ? Was I drugged? I mean I don’t even remember her 🐱!

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