To my crush
To my crush poetry. romance. feelings. lost. stories

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To my crush that I still think about, even though I’ll probably never see you again.

To my crush

I remember when I first liked you

I tried not to show it,

But people still noticed

I wonder if you did too.

I don’t know why I liked you

Since you were kinda stupid,

But you were also funny

And cute.

I remember your golden brown hair,

Light blue eyes,

And how you always tried to catch my attention.

Which you did, somehow.

And I thank you for it.

I remember the day I left,

The way you looked at me as I cried,

With those lovely blue eyes.

I remember so much about you

At night, you’re all I dream about

I’ve tried to forget,

But you’re always in my head.

It’s no use now,

You’re gone too

I just wish I could say

I like you.

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