The Souvenir
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A little poem about the most fun night out that I have ever had in London. The Ringmaster is the Thames, the acrobats are the bridges (they look like acrobats doing that backwards on all fours pose). No prizes for guessing what the spinning wheel and circus lights are!!. The Joker and the Clown are my two best friends in London (we went to this georgous little Italian restaurant at London Bridge that night and they played that song "Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right"). "The Souvenir" is something that landed on my head that night when it was flung from the stage at the Underbelly/South Bank Festival! - the audience erupted in laughter and a load of Evening Standard hacks gathered round taking pictures as I shook my head viciously to get in off lol!! They got some good pictures and my pic ended up in the Standard that week in a summary section about the Festival. Hint -think of famous shows that come to the South Bank every year and you might guess what "The Souvenir" is lolol!

The Souvenir

The Ringmaster at centre stage, her audience enthralled,

As she conducts the every move of her great carnival,

The spinning wheels and circus lights, the acrobats in swing,

The stage is set, the music plays, the second act begins

The Joker takes the microphone, completely out of time,

In those four words a tragedy and comedy divine,

Her sideshow calls for encore as she bids her stage adieu,

I should have kept the souvenir, but that punchline will do

The Clown that couldn't juggle stumbles to the stage,

She calls that name, a battle cry, it's war she begs to wage,

And as the curtain lowers we're still stood toe to toe,

I should have kept the souvenir, the battle cry will do

The Ringmaster, she takes her bow, the circus lights go out,

The headline acts are going north, their sideshow's going south,

And as they cross o'er the border and the lights begin to dim,

I see a vision of the souvenir, and my sorrows learn to swim

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