A story to go with the Pic.
A story to go with the Pic. newwriter stories
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Based on a true story, Karma a sexually abused child is now a young adult and ready for justice.

A story to go with the Pic.

The Good thing about leaving in the deep country is that you can pretty much get away with a lot of things if you know what you're doing.

I'm self-taught and all my recipes are one hundred percent guaranteed or my name isn't Karma. That's right, I'm Karma Lane and today is my eighteenth birthday.

I've prepared the fireworks for later now I must make sure Jala is down below to catch my behind in case I fall while climbing down this window.

We decided we would catch the fireworks on TV while we stuff our faces with popcorn and coke. Danm! I forgot to tell you why July 4th is early this year.

His name is Colbert and by law, he is my step brother. Eight years ago, I was ten and he was fourteen or fifteen. I had just lost my dad, so I moved in with my mom and my stepdad Justin.

One day I was washing up for dinner and he came up behind me holding a knife.

"If you scream, I will kill you."

A wave of fear washed over me as I stood there frozen from the neck down. I began to sob.

"bend over" He commanded.

I bend over as he asked.

"This will not hurt." He said.

He used his free hand to pull down my panty. I began to tremble, so I held on to the sink and closed my eyes as the tears kept pouring.

Colbert put the knife closer to my neck while he inserted a finger inside me. I cried harder as his finger hurt my inside.

After a few seconds he pulled it out and forced it back in through my closed tight legs. After he was done, he threatened to kill me if I said anything to anyone.

I sat on the cold floor and cried until I heard my mom's voice calling my name.

At the dinner table I thought about telling my mom, but Colbert kept giving me ugly warning looks.

I knew what he did was wrong, and I wanted to tell my mom why I refused to eat my favorite food, but I was scared. Scared that she won't believe me.

Scared that if she did believe me the only thing she would have done was give Colbert a spanking and told him don't do it again. Scared that he was going to do it again no matter what.

I asked my mom to spend the night at my grandma's and she agreed. I loved being with my favorite cousin Justina.

The next morning grandma woke us up to get ready for church. Justina and I were the same size, so she gave me her favorite dress to wear. When service was over we went to my house to play.

Some of our friends came over and we played for hours. As dinner time approached our friends' parents called them in.

"Girls go and wash up before dinner." Mom said.

I went to the bark to wash-up before my Justina. As I slowly walked to the sink area I saw Colbert with a bigger knife in his hand. I started to cry as I tried to hurry up and wash my hand.

As he got closer I heard a voice said, "leave her alone!" Startled, I looked back and saw my cousin Justina holding a knife in her hand. Colbert walked away, and I fell to the floor crying.

Justina sat on the floor with me and comforted me while I cried.

"He touched you too?" I asked.

"yes, but he will not touch any of us anymore because we will protect each other."

We hugged each other and promised never to tell anyone because they won't do anything but make things worse for us. Growing up in the Islands, people turn a blind eye to sexual abuse.

The ones who believe or suspect, only spank the pervert or tell him don't do it anymore. After our promise we washed up for dinner.

At the dinner table we looked at Colbert hard and he bowed his head in shame. We both hated him but for me, the hatred grew the older I got.

Justina died before we could get justice but Jala, our other cousin, hates Colbert as much as I do, and I can trust her.

Over the years I have studied my step brother's every move and his drunk ass is in love with Mr. Jack Daniels.

He can't stay sober for five minutes but if by some miracle he sees my firecracker, he won't drag himself out without his JD.

I'm sure the sky will light up as he goes up in the flames, but I've added my secret ingredient to Mr. Jack Daniels, he won't know what hit him.

Now that everything is set, it's time to get out of here and back into my Jeans. After the fireworks, Jala and I are going to see some eye candies on the boardwalk.

Today Justice is served and we're going to celebrate until the break of dawn.

Note from Karma: Pay close attention to your kids and listen to what they are not telling you. Sexual abuse is more common than we think. Save our kids. Protect our future.

This is a true story. Don't let the Colbert's of the world get away with hurting our kids.

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