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I took my Horse and Ra went to the Kingdom! I was Finding the Forest! I was tired but I still was riding. I found a Small Hut so I stopped there for a break. “Hello! Are u heading to The Master Forest?” said a traveler “If u are I can help you with the directions!” “Yep, I am heading there!” I said “And I will need some directions!” “Just keep going north!” He said “Oh and My name is Tim!”

“Thanks Tim!” I said “See you Around!” At Ra’s Kingdom “Where is Justin?” asked Lisa (Justin’s Sister) “Is he here?” “No.” Ra said “He is gone to find the Master Forest to get his Sword.” “Ok!” She said “And I have got my wand and Did a Bit training in the WTC! (The Wand Training Centre)” “I will teach you some of the Best Spells!”

At Set’s Kingdom “Sir Set! We need to make a plan to war Ra’s Army!” Said an Evil Commander. “Because Sets Army is going To be hard to attack and for us getting our Victory!” “Yes, that is True! Envy you still need to train My army better skills!” Set said “Setne! We need you!” “Who is Setne, Sir?” asked Envy (The commander) “Setne is in Our Plan?” “Yes!” Set said “he is The God of The Evil Ghosts.”

“Set! What’s The Plan for free Apophis?” Setne Asked “Apophis knows we will come to free him!” “Yes, and we will so the plan is that we will war as I said to all.” Set said “Then Setne you will go to merlin’s Cave and take the Serpent’s shadow book and do the spell to release Apophis!” “Great!” Setne said “Apophis will be surprised you made this plan! Unbelievable!”

At the Master Forest While you were listening to Ra and Set, I made it to the Master Forest! I saw many People guarding the forest to I sneaked by Crawling on the ground and went in! I then saw a Sword inside a stone so I tried to pull it and it came out! All the Chaos Guards Ran to tell Set! “JUSTIN LEGEND!” Said A Tree Infront of the Stone that the sword was in! “I am The Great Master

But you may call me Tree!” “Ok, Tree…” I said “So are the one who protects the sword from the Chaos?” “Yes.” Replied Tree “And you need to train very much with The Master Sword!” “Ok.” I said “But Fast I need to stop set from releasing Apophis!” “Apophis!” Tree said “He wants to release Apophis!” At Set’s Kingdom

“Sir Set! Justin sneaked to the sword and now he has the Sword!!” Said a Guard “We are sorry!” “I will never forgive you all idiots! Set yelled “Go now!” “Set we will need them in our war!” setne said “wait Guards!” “Yes, that is True!” set said “I will Forgive u but you will be in The War of The Darkness!” At The Master Forest

I trained and trained! “Tree!” I said “I need to go now! I am sorry but I will come back! Bye!” At Ra’s Kingdom Merlin came to ra’s Kingdom to make a plan! “Ra!” Merlin said “we need to make a Plan! And Bring Lisa Legend too!” Lisa and Ra followed Merlin. “I have The Serpent’s Shadow Book so they can’t Release Apophis!” Merlin said “Now we will Fight and is

“Sadly No!” Ra said “He must be nearby the Kingdom now!” “JUSTIN ISNT HERE YET!” Merlin Yelled. “We need him and his Sword to defeat and trap Set once and for all!” “Merlin! Calm Down!” Lisa Said “My Brother will be here! He always will be here when we need!” “Lisa is Right!” Ra said “And if you are worried because of Set’s Army! I know what to do!” “Yes, I am!” Merlin said “Do what you have too!!”

Ra made a Portal and Clapped 3 times and a Person came out of it. “Horus!” Merlin said “Good thinking Ra!” “Merlin! Ra! And…” Horus said “LISA LEGEND! That means Justin must be here too!!!” “Yes, he is but he is coming he coming! He must have got The Master Sword now coming here!” “Sir! Sir!” Said a solider “The Evil Have came to

attack!!!” “Now some Action!” said Horus “Hahaha! Ok get your strongest People Ready!” “NO! LEGEND HASN’T CAME YET!” Yelled Merlin! “AH! WHAT TO DO!?” “Just Fight!” Horus said “We have no chose!”

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