How I nearly undid 300 hours of work on my last day on the job.

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Story of how I nearly broke a server and undid several months of work

How I nearly undid 300 hours of work on my last day on the job.

by justin

I've put about 300 hours into setting up a company MDM

The MDM, or Mobile Device Management system would help us provision company phones and manage them

The system decided to shut itself down at 6:00 PM

I was writing documentation when the server undid some settings. The whole MDM went offline

I spent an hour and a half trying to get the server online

I'm pretty sure I've never been so stressed in my life

This was MY project

I didn't want to leave my company with something useless -- especially since it was my last day.

I managed to fix it

By finding an obscure fix on stackoverflow

Moral: ALWAYS back up your work

I should have thought about that earlier

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