Blind love stories

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Shifting eyes led to my demise.

Glamor and glory, I can't seem to summarize.

Little details and features I seldom memorize.

I was nothing but the devil in disguise.

Eyes set to the skies, looking forward to a never coming sunrise.

Hold my hand this one last time.

Heart turned sour, eyes made of lime.

Lost myself to you and lost myself to time.

No rhyme and no reason, take my soul this open season.

Eyes of treason never held true,

Learned to hate the thought of you.

Broken dreams, as expected, fell through.

Hearts and smiles bloomed and grew.

But I never did get to see the best of you.

Hidden to the world, a truth never meant to be unfurled.

Little dress flew and whirled.

I always knew you'd never know my world.

So I kiss you now one last time.

Knew you were never meant to be mine.

So I dance alone with no song,

So I dance alone, no nothings wrong.

Left to my own demise,

I am just the devil in disguise.

An evil you can't summarize.

I know all of you, those little details and memories I seldom memorize.

So let me hold that tender hand while I await that never coming sunrise.

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