15 Quick Facts About Me!!!
15 Quick Facts About Me!!! about me stories

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This is just 15 random facts about me.

15 Quick Facts About Me!!!

1. I'm a Christian

2. I like poetry but I'm not very good at writing it

3. I love Harry Potter, Divergent, The Hunger Games, Twilight, and Narnia

4. I have a thing for history

5. I hate my real name and actually prefer to go by Bugg in real life

6. I'm a Scorpio (And despite all the awful comments I've seen about my astrological sign, I am not a bad person.)

7. I like Melanie Martinez's songs

8. I love Run and DNA by BTS

9. I love GachaLife

10. I'm good at making GLMVs (If you don't know what these are then search it on YouTube)

11. I'm clumsy and awkward

12. I have a very short temper

13. I'm a big fan of The Darkest Minds

14. I'm short (And I love it!)

15. I'm a girl (obviously)

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