A letter you'll never read
A letter you'll never read  sad stories

justawriter Community member
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For someone that never existed but somehow ceased to.

A letter you'll never read

Darling, when I get to have you again your hand will never again feel empty nor cold, for mine will stand there at all times.

When hopeless odds are charged against us and our foolish love I swear I shall stand beside you, this time I wont flounder.

I´ll mold you a smile so bright and beautiful starts will burn in jealousy against you.

I will whisper those precious words you’ve always awaited.

I must fixate my lust and every thought only for you.

If I get to have you again, my love, you solitary nights will cease whereas this fool will always be at your mercy.

Yet if you remigrate to me, dear, my foolishness will stay and mistakes will repeat a new, nonetheless, same as always, I will beg your pardon and bare the pretty lies you speak.

However, my precious one, even if I write in the most beautiful way what I truly feel, you will never come back to me.

Time has taken you and all it conceded me was this urge to accompany you in what humanity has always described as a peaceful and better place.

Yours truly, for ever and always.

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