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Ever get that feeling, late at night....?

Static air

The whirring fan enters my dream,

I'm awake now, at 02: 20 am.

It's not like I haven't woken up at this time countless times before.

Yet, this time it feels different.

I can sense something that doesn't belong,

in the darker recesses of my bedroom with me.

An unwelcome guest, in my safe space.

I want it to go away!

Yet, my body, with it's convenient timing wants me to go to the toilet.

Agh, just great!! I have to make a dash for it!

As I move to go to the bathroom,

I feel it, the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight.

A kind of electric sensation is in the air all around me.

With all the courage I can muster, I keep my head down. And with the speed of light I rush to the bathroom and back.

It's still there.

I retreat under my bed covers and hope for the best.

Squeezing my eyes as tight as can be.

I can feel it's weight pressing down on me.

I let out a voiceless scream!

Hours seem to drift by

Before I know it, I'm now sound asleep.


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