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justasmltwngurl A journey is best taken together.
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Can we ever truly unlearn all those things we've come to identify ourselves as? The choice is yours...

I made a choice

To stay quiet

to not ask for help

to pretend I'm okay.

A choice to be irrelevant

to be ignored

to be bullied.

I made the choice so long ago

I can't remember how to let it all go.

The choice to be small

to be worthless.

And nothing more.

A choice none should have to make.

I made it

with fear

with lies

with regret.

I made it and now it controls me

it informs

it prevents.

It subdues my whole beautiful spirit.

Yes, the choice I made is not who I am today.

Today, I made a new choice

to be free

to be aware.

To acknowledge

Who I am

Who I want to be

And how to avoid the choices that used to make me.

I made a choice.

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