The Beauty of Rain.
The Beauty of Rain. rain stories

justasadcoffee Sip a hot coffee while watching the rain
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A poem about the rain

The Beauty of Rain.

I love the rain It is simplicity at its finest form But some times it can symbolize pain For when it becomes a storm

The rain is often comprehended as gloomy or sad But alot of things need it and it makes them glad Crops of farmers need the rain as much as the sun Which makes up for our needs and makes society run

The rain gives us time for ourselves For it cancels our plans that we said It gives us the freedom to cry at the corner of the shelves As it cools of our head

The rain is calm but sometimes it displays its strength It disregards time and cannot be bent But one things for sure is that it will end So find solace within the time with it you spent

Inspired by "Sage's Rain"

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