I’m afaird of losing our friendship
I’m afaird of losing our friendship  poem stories

justarianne Just a girl who in love with someone 😍
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A poem for someone I have feeling for and that I don’t want to lose friendship with

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I’m afaird of losing our friendship

I want to take the risk

As ask you to be mine

I'm not scared rejection

Been through a lot of

I'm not scare of being hurt

I'm scared of losing you as friend

Is it worth to take the risk

Is worth to lose you as friends

So I could just called you mine

I want to give us a try

My mind and heart rarely agree

But they want me too ask you out

I'm not scared of being rejected

Been through a lot of it

I'm scared we lost the bond

We made

And the friendship we have

I know for sure I like you

More then any guy ever know

You take over my mind

Giving me Sleepless night

I just want too know

Is it worth ?

Just wondering if I should

Or should I not ?

Seriously your taking over my mind.

Eveyday and every night I think of you

perhaps I have fallen to deep for you

How did,I wonder too?

Should I take the risk ask you to be

Give you my heart

I'm not scare of rejection

Been through it a lot

I'm more afaird of losing you as dude friend.

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