Just a Game... I Swear.
Just a Game... I Swear. game stories

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Trigger warning: suicide.
From today’s prompt

Some games you just shouldn’t play

Just a Game... I Swear.

It was just a game... I swear Me and some friends had this stupid idea to pull a prank on Axel We didn’t know! I swear

We sent him a fake party invitation. To some creepy abandoned warehouse, told him to meet us on the roof. We didn’t know he would take it so hard. I swear

In the rooftop, Jamie put a sign on the roof. It said that... it said that he should jump of. It was a joke! Just a game. I swear.

We hid in the shadows. Waiting for him to come... We didn’t want him to. I swear.

He read the sign. I could see the tears streaming down his puffy cheeks. He took a deep breath and... he... jumped. we didn’t know. It was just a game. I swear.

I’m so sorry. I’m so so sorry. I visit his grave every day. I miss him. I swear.

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