The Mandela Effect
The Mandela Effect emotions stories

just_a_guy Community member
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The Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect is simple - You have crystal clear memories of events happening in your mind, but they didn't happen at all in reality.

Life is weird, but our very existence is even stranger. We don't have a purpose, we just survive and live because we were born. It is dangerous when the mind starts thinking in this way, simply because we can't find an answer to it.

Sometimes I think what I dream is the truth. And I don't know if that would be good or bad. Mandela effect, I don't know if it actually exists, but the concept of it is inherently familiar. I mean, everything that we see around us has no purpose until we define it.

Some people need Gods for hope. Some people don't need hope. Its funny. Mandela effect...

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