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This is a little long, but a true story....


by jupiter_sunset

It started in the summer. A new town, new people...

We met at the skate park. Both of us moved to the same place at the same time.

What a coincidence?

We started school as best friends. We were never apart unless we were in different classes...

"You know you'll forget about me soon... you'll find better friends than me" I sent to him one night. "I hope not." was his answer.

Our friendship went down. I became best friends with his big sister.

All his new friends do is party. And we still drink and smoke together. Just because we aren't best friends doesn't make us not friends.

But some how, we became friends with benefits.

About a week ago we were fucking around, and now.... He has a girlfriend.

And now I know to be careful who I trust. And I hope everyone else can learn from this.... Don't believe the "You're hot" believe the "I don't know who I want anymore"

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