imagine Jikook 2 ✝ πŸ’œ By jungkookbunny
imagine Jikook 2 ✝ πŸ’œ

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jungkookbunny πŸ’—I make more JIKOOK ONLY πŸ’–
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Now imagine Jikook 2 book I hope like this story ;) this about Taehyung , Jungkook and Jimin there were going to Disneyworld

imagine Jikook 2 ✝ πŸ’œ By jungkookbunny

~ Morning~

(Jungkook and Jimin wake up each other) Jungkook: Good morning Jimin Jimin: Hey Jungkook :) Jungkook: Do you sleep good or bad ? Jimin: yea I sleep well and you :)

Jungkook: for me I sleep well :) ( Taehyung yell front the door) Taehyung: Guys are you ready to go Disney World !! Jungkook: Yes Taehyung! Jimin: Me too!!

Taehyung: Jungkook and Jimin dress up now GO!!! Jungkook: okay we will dress up Jimin: I'm done dressing up Jungkook: you ready dress up? Jimin: yea dress up :) Taehyung: Jimin is ready to go but not you Jungkook just hurry up!

Jungkook: I'm hurry up okay I'm done dress up Taehyung: Let's go Jungkook and Jimin :) Jungkook: we are coming Taehyung :) ( Jungkook , Jimin and Taehyung there going to Disney World )

~Disney World~

Taehyung: we here YAY!! Jungkook: let's play games or ride roller coasters it be so much fun! Jimin: right Let's go Taehyung: okay Jungkook: look see Mickey Mouse that favorite show :)


( Jungkook hug Mickey Mouse) Jimin: Awww... Jungkook really cute :) Taehyung: Let's go play games :) Jimin: you right Taehyung :) Jungkook: okay

Jungkook: who want ride horses machine ? Taehyung: not me it so boring there so slow I will said no Jungkook: okay Jimin: I'm going with you Jungkook: okay Jimin come with me :)

Taehyung: I going eat something okay i will get table you and jimin :) Jungkook: okay :) let's go Jimin Jimin: I come in :)

(Jungkook and Jimin there ride horses of each other ) Jungkook: it so fun in here :) Jimin: *smile* Let's take picture Jungkook: okay :) * smile *

Jungkook: really cute and funny * smile * Jimin: *smile* Thanks Jungkook Jungkook: your wlecome *smile*

Thanks read this JIKOOK 2 it COMING SOON imagine JIKOOK 3 I hope like this JIKOOK 2 enjoy this book :)

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