The Second-born and the Outsider-7
The Second-born and the Outsider-7 sanders sides stories

june44 open for suggestions. <3 u Stormies!
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remus's POV

The Second-born and the Outsider-7

*remus's POV*

i chased my brother down the tunnel back to our room. why did he insist on embarrassing me like that?

"what?" roman laughed. "it /was/ about time. i could tell you liked him from the moment we stepped into the Grand Hall." i ground my teeth and ran faster.

i caught up to him and pounced, pinning him to the ground. i raised my morning-star threateningly.

"stop meddling with my life!" i yelled. i heard logans footsteps behind us and he laughed.

" you should probably let him up." logan said. i groaned and stood reluctantly.

"fine." logan chuckled again as roman stood and fixed his hair.

"well, i hope you're happy." he turned to leave and paused in the doorframe. "still, i think you could have chosen a worse one."

i smacked him on the back of the head and he left, pulling the door closed behind him. i turned to logan, saying "sorry agai-" i stopped, realizing logan was really close to me.

his face was bright red and he muttered, "i cant believe im about to do this." before i could process wha was happening, he leaned forward and kissed me firmly.

i froze for a second, shocked, then i reached up, knotting my hands in his hair and kissed him back.

they finally kissed. i agree with roman. it was about time! peace stormies! <3

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