the second-born and the outsider-5
the second-born and the outsider-5 sanders sides stories
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remus's perspective

the second-born and the outsider-5

*remus's pov*

i led Logan upstairs and down a hall. "this is my room. well, mine and Romans." i grimaced. Logan chuckled softly. i opened the door, walked in and sat on my bed. i pointed to the curtain.

"Ro whined until father had someone install that." Logan walked over to my desk and picked up my math book. he flipped it open and started ruffling through the pages.

"wow, you really do need help." he looked up, seeming to be afraid he had offended me. i laughed.

"yeah, i really suck. you dont need to watch your words or whatever around me." i paused. "you might want to be careful around Roman, though. he is kinda stuck-up."

Logan smiled and walked over to my bookshelf. i thought he was going to grab a book, but he touched the wall next to it and opened a passageway.

he turned to me, smug. "i thought there was something different about that wall." i was surprised. it took me years to find that, and then only by accident.

i shook off my shock and ran to the open wall. i grabbed his hand and continued running. "follow me!"

i pulled a small lever inside the passageway as we ran by and the door closed. Logan looked behind us, eyes wide with wonder. i smirked.

"pretty cool, right?" we had stopped, having arrived in an open underground chamber. he looked down, and i realized we were still holding hands. i dropped my hand instantly, blushing scarlet.

Logan moved to the couch and sat, looking around. i sat next to him and watched as he scanned the room. i noticed his eyes had little silver flecks in them when he was excited.

"see any hidden doors or anything?" i teased. he looked at me, rolled his eyes and blushed.

"no. the only way out is the way we came." he paused, thinking. "that really isnt the safest. what if an attacker comes?"

"ill fight him with my own two hands!" i raised my fists and grinned evilly. he smiled.

"what if there is a fire?" he countered.

"i will fight it with my own two hands!" i paused. "and some water or something."

Logan laughed loudly. i watched him, fascinated. he looked at me and caught me staring. we both looked away, blushing.

at that moment, Roman burst into the room. he froze and took in our red faces. he smirked. "Re?" my head shot up.

"could i speak to you for a minute, please?" i stood, mortified, and walked over to him.

"what?" i asked.

"is that how you flirt? you arent very good at it." his smirk grew more pronounced.

"i wasnt flirting!" i hissed.

"well, not very well anyway."

"who said i even liked him?"

Roman rolled his eyes. "please. you were sitting next to each other and blushing redder than a rose." he paused and an evil gleam shined in his eyes.

"you totally like him!" he said, just loud enough for Logan to hear. my face grew red in embarrassment and fury.

"go away!" i pushed him back down the passageway.

"fine, but NO KISSING!" he said, laughing. i smacked him over the head and he left. i sat down next to Logan.

"sorry about that. my brother loves to ruin my life." i rolled my eyes.

"n-no problem." Logan stuttered. i wondered what was going on in his head.

'not that he likes me anyway.' i thought. 'snap out of it! you dont even know if he likes boys!'

what do you think? does logan like remus back?

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