the second-born and the outsider-4
the second-born and the outsider-4 intrulogical stories
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june44 open for suggestions. <3 u Stormies!
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part 4 logans pov

the second-born and the outsider-4

*logans POV*

i examined what i assumed was the throne room and saw a painting of the King and Queen. my brow furrowed as i saw a couple small holes in the painted tapestry behind the royal couple.

i moved to look through the holes and saw a flicker of a pair of eyes.

"logan! leave the painting alone." i walked over to her as she turned to the Queen. "i apologize. my son loves information and will examine anything to obtain more." she chuckled nervously.

the Queen smiled. "i know how it is. my younger son loves to find the most secret nooks and crannies of the castle. it is quite embarrassing. speaking of my son," she turned to a guard.

"fetch my children."

the guard bowed deeply. "yes, your majesty." he left.

my mother and the King started talking about the job and, normally i would be very interested in that sort of thing,

but i was preoccupied with the mystery the person behind the painting presented. was it the younger prince the Queen told us about?

the guard returned, announcing the arrival of Prince Roman and Remus the Duke. the boys stood next to their parents and i studied them.

Prince Roman had very tidy honey blond hair and brown eyes, while Remus the Duke had slightly messier black hair and vibrant emerald eyes. a shock ran through me as i recognised his eyes.

he was the one behind the painting!

i could feel his gaze on me and i looked up. he smiled a small, crooked smile. i inhaled, surprised at feeling running through my veins. i smiled a very small smile in return.

the King resumed his conversation with my mother, and the Queen cut him off. "maybe Remus could show Logan around the castle while Roman practices with his fencing.

though, Remus does need to work on his math." she mused. i stepped forward.

"maybe i could quiz him while he gives me a tour?"

my mom jumped in. "yes, my son is very smart. im sure he could help the Duke with his work." the Queen seemed to consider it and agreed.

Remus led the way out of the room and up a few flights of stairs.

i know its kinda slow, but it will pick up quick, i promise! Ciao stormies!

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