the second-born and the outsider-3
the second-born and the outsider-3 intrulogical stories

june44 open for suggestions. <3 u Stormies!
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part 3

the second-born and the outsider-3

*remus's pov*

i was dueling my brother when we heard a carriage pull up to the castle gates. we looked at eachother and ran to our room. roman proceeded to fix his hair and change into 'royal clothes.

' i rolled my eyes and ran down a secret passageway i had found a few years ago. i ended up behind a painting in the Grand Hall. i heard the guards announce the presence of a Ms.

Teresa Berry and her son, Logan Berry. i looked through the subtle holes in the painting and caught a glimpse of a middle-aged woman and a teen boy.

all i could see of them was her hair was flaming red and his was a warm chestnut brown.

the Queen, my mother, told them about how the last Royal Scientist had perished in a chemical fire and they needed a replacement. the woman, Teresa, said she would be honoured.

i strained my neck to get another peek of them when my vision was blocked. i heard Teresa call. "Logan! leave the painting alone.

" logan backed away and i ran, as quietly as possible, back to my room.

i burst into my room as roman finished adjusting his suit.

"Re!" he ran to me, careful not to mess up his outfit or hair. Roman picked up a hairbrush and brushed my hair roughly. "you need to look presentable! they will call for us any minute.

" he ran to the closet and grabbed a green and black suit for me. he moved to his side of the room and pulled closed the curtain that separated our room.

a few minutes later, a guard knocked on our door. "the King and Queen request your presence." Roman opened the door and walked out purposefully.

i followed him, trying to match his confidence and hide my curiosity about the new Royal Scientist and her son.

we walked to the Grand Hall and stood in our places, Roman at the Queens side, me at the Kings. i finally got to look at the boy and my eyes widened for just a moment, breaking my royal stature.

he had caramel colored hair and deep navy blue eyes. there was a small burn along his left cheekbone and his hands were stained with what looked like charcoal and ink. 'Logan.

' his name popped into my head and i smiled at him slightly.

What do you think so far? am i doing a good job? <3 you stormies!

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