the second-born and the outsider-2
the second-born and the outsider-2 fanfiction stories

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Logan's POV

the second-born and the outsider-2

across the kingdom, a scientist lived in a small hut, teaching her 16 year-old son all she knew. he was very sharp and loved to learn.

*logans pov*

"logan! quick, what is the atomic mass of Zinc?" she called to me.

"30!" I yelled back. she walked over to me.

"very good." she thought for a minute and someone knocked on the door.

"Ms. Teresa Berry?" an official voice called. she walked over and opened the door.

"hello, officer. what can i do for you?"

the officer unrolled a scroll. "there is an official summons from the King. you are requested for the job of the Royal Scientist.

the King heard you were the best and he only wants the best on his court." he rolled the scroll up and gestured to a carriage parked outside the house. "effective immediately. pack your bags."

"wait!" she looked panicked. "what about my son?" the officer looked at me.

"is he trouble ?" he sounded suspicious. i stepped forward and spoke.

"i am no trouble, sir. i only assist my mother with her experiments and research."

"alright. pack your bags as well. you will join her." he turned and climbed into the carriage. my mom turned to me and we both rushed to our rooms to pack.

a few minutes later, we climbed into the carriage and rolled to our new life.

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