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The BloodWolf


I opened my eyes to a bright light streaming through my window and a voice at my door.

"Emma! are you up yet? you're going to be late for school! again!"

I moaned. she didn't want to wake up yet. "just five more minutes!"

"you already got three tardies just this week! get. up!"

I sat up and stretched. there was a throbbing pain in my head and I winced. I yawned and crawled out of bed.

I grabbed the outfit I planned for today and put it on, realized it was ugly, and changed into my usual purple hoodie and black ripped jeans.

I grabbed the most important piece of her outfit, my earbuds.

I stopped in the bathroom on my way down to grab some tylenol for my headache. "morning Mom!" I said as I took my seat at the table.

"morning Emma. it's about time you woke up. you need to grab something to eat and go catch the bus!"

I grabbed a chocolate muffin and ran out the door, calling behind me, "love you!"

"That girl is giving me gray hairs," my Mom muttered before taking a bite of her apple.

"You were just like her when you were her age, Jane." my dad pointed out.

I rushed to the bus and caught it as it was pulling away. I slumped in a seat, put my earbuds in, and turned on my music.

I stared out the window and watched the bus pull away from the curb and towards the school.

"hey. could I sit here?" a voice broke through my thoughts. "all the other seats are full."

I looked up. For a minute my eyes grew wide. It was Luther, a boy I had a crush on since 7th grade. He was tall and blond and was on the football team. He had ice blue eyes and was super tan.

Trying to hide my blush, I looked out the window and answered "Um, s-sure."

'Come on, Emma! get your poop in a group!' I thought to myself.

"your name is Emma, right?" Luther turned to me and asked.

"y-yes! Yes, I'm Emma. I am in your m-math class and homeroom." I stuttered, and pulled my face into my hood. 'please let him not think i'm weird.'

to my relief, the bus pulled up to the school and I stood up and almost ran off the bus.

In the homeroom, I was more aware of Luther than usual. the classroom door slamming open pulled me to reality.

A boy, dressed in red and white formal clothes walked in, his shoulders high, like he owned the whole world. He sat in the empty seat next to her. I immediately hated him.

I had met his type before. conceited, and an ego the size of an elephant. a 'popular kid.'

"hello, there, madam! my name is Devon! and you are?" Devon exclaimed loudly. I flinched.

"It's none of your business." I replied sharply. I rolled my eyes and put my earbuds in.

"all right, class. role call." Mrs. Loughty said. "ryan?"


"Sam t?"


"Sam q?"







"I am present today, Mrs. loughty!"

I rolled my eyes.



"so, your name is Emma, huh?" Devon asked.

"why do you care?" I snapped, annoyed.

Devon smiled to himself and looked away.

After homeroom, I escaped and went to math. I was aware of the fact that Luther was two seats away from me. Devon walked in and up to the teacher.

"Mr. Devon King? I'm Mrs. goblirsch. you may sit next to Emma Cambiare. Emma? please raise your hand." Mrs. Goblirsh instructed.

'this can not be happening' I thought. I slowly raised my hand as Devon said "I already met Emma in homeroom."

he sauntered over to the empty seat next to me and lowered himself into the chair.

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