The BloodWolf Chapter 3
The BloodWolf Chapter 3 werewolf stories
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The BloodWolf Chapter 3


I was concerned when Patrick told them Devon went home after having a splitting headache. I remembered my headache that morning.

the bell rang and we all sprinted to class, barely making it in time.

The next day was Wednesday and my headache was worse, but I sucked it up and went to school anyway. The first thing I noticed, even before Luther, was Devon's outfit.

He was wearing a black hat that completely covered his head and a long red coat.

He didn't strike me as a hat person. He was very quiet. He was like a whole different person. He never took his hat off and kept to himself all day. Patrick was getting worried.

On Thursday, I couldn't get out of bed, my headache was so bad. after 2 long hours, I finally fell asleep again. When I woke up, I felt weird. I didnt feel sick, just different.

I shrugged and went to my closet. as I reached for my hoodie, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I only just stopped myself from screaming.

I had wolf ears! I turned and saw a wolf tail. I was freaking out when I remembered something.

Devon had a splitting headache two days ago! When he came back, he wore a hat that would cover wolf ears. Devon was also a werewolf!

my Mom started pounding on my door. "get up, Emma! you will not be late again!!"

Jane opened the door and froze. " have wolf ears." she paused. "dang it!" she punched the wall. "I was hoping this wouldn't happen for a while! dang it!"

"you knew?! why didn't you tell me?" I screeched. my wolf ears pointed straight up and my fur bristled.

"Emma! you need to relax-"

"relax?! relax?!! don't tell me to relax!!!" I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. my eyes started taking on a blue tinge and my ears and tail had shimmers of silver.

"EMMA!!! listen to me. if you don't calm down, your 'wolf' will take over. I know you don't understand, but you need to let me explain.'' Jane paused and I crossed my arms and sat down on my bed.

"explain. now." my voice was deadly calm.

"ok. a long time ago, people lived in harmony. But, there was a man who thought he was entitled to the world. He fought to take the world and the peaceful people didn't know how to fight back.

village after village was destroyed until one woman, talyn, stood up to him. everyone thought she was out of her mind, but she had a plan.'' Jane paused. "and a secret.

her only friends were the wolves. Her best friend was the alpha of the pack. Her name was lupa. lupa was a special wolf. She had silver streaks and her eyes were ice blue.

One day a different pack of wolves attacked and one of the other wolves went after talyn. lupa saw this and ran to talyn's side.

lupa was running too fast and collided with talyn and they merged together. talyn became a werewolf with black ears and tail.

lupa was forever a part of her, whether talyn showed her ears and tail or not.

"when she challenged the man, who was the king by then, the king easily accepted the challenge, seeing her only as a poor, weak girl. He was quite surprised when she showed her ears.

they fought, and when the king drew blood with his sword, talyn transformed. her eyes became ice blue and her tail and ears had silver streaks.

she fought like a demon, and eventually, won the fight."

I had become very still. I asked Jane, "How do I hide my ears? '' I can't go to school like this!"

"you need to calm down and concentrate. your ears will disappear. as for going to school, are you sure you want to? you don't have to."

"I do have to. there is a boy in my grade. I think he transformed two days ago. I need to tell him how to hide his ears!" I exclaimed.

"then get ready, and make sure he is a werewolf before you freak him out with all the 'transforming' talk." Jane advised and walked out the door, closing it behind her.

I concentrated on getting rid of my ears and got dressed.

Before homeroom, I pulled Devon aside. "w-what do you need, E-Emma?" Devon stuttered.

"Is your headache gone?" I asked, looking around.

"yes, but-"

"did anything happen once the headache was gone?"

"umm-" Devon hesitated.

"It's ok. you can tell me. I won't tell anyone." I assured him.

Devon slowly took his hat off and his wolf ears popped up. "I knew it!" I exclaimed loudly. Devon's ears flattened against his head and he whined softly. "oops. sorry Devon." I whispered.

"How do I know you won't tell?" Devon asked.

"this is why." I pulled off my hood and closed my eyes. when I opened them, my ears had returned. I could hear his heart beating very fast.

"How did you hide them?!" Devon demanded.

"you need to calm down and concentrate. your ears will disappear." I closed my eyes again and my ears faded out of existence. He tried that, and his ears disappeared too.

the bell rang and we both raced to class. Devon looked happy when he put his hat in his pocket.

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