the BloodWolf-6 not my art. credit goes to original artist
the BloodWolf-6

not my art. credit goes to original artist werewolves stories

june44 open for suggestions. <3 u Stormies!
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part 6-emma

the BloodWolf-6 not my art. credit goes to original artist

We walked to Layla's room and opened the closet. I chose a red, knee length dress made of a silky material and had small beads in patterns on the top. Layla gasped when she saw it.

"I forgot I had that!"

"well, now you are going to wear it! in front of Ian." I winked.

Layla blushed and changed. We went back to Ians dorm and I walked in first to watch Ians face.

Layla walked in and Ian blushed with an undertone of green. 'that's interesting' I thought.

After another 20 minutes, we all went back to our own dorms and went to bed.

The next morning, Layla knocked on my door. She had five dresses in her arms.

"umm, Layla? what's with the dresses?" I asked.

"you are going to dress up today. whether you like it or not." Layla looked smug.

"you can't make me. i'm a werewolf, remember?" I showed my ears and started to advance on Layla.

"Devon will see you in it. dont you want to impress him?" she raised her eyebrows.

"ughhhhhh......fine." I made my ears disappear. Layla laid the dresses out on my bed.

she had a deep blue knee length dress, a pink ankle dress with a silver belt, the red one from the night before, a black flowing one, and a royal purple dress with silver designs.

"i'll wear the black one."

"why? That one is so... dull." she frowned. "you should wear the purple one. it matches your eyes."

I sighed and changed into the dress. Layla pulled out a pair of silver heels. "nope. not going to happen! I am not wearing heels."

Layla reached into a duffle bag she brought and pulled out some silver flats instead. "fine, wear these instead." she held up the flats and I slipped them on.

We walked out and down to the cafeteria for breakfast. Layla grabbed some pancakes and I chose a chocolate muffin.

Layla led me to a table on the opposite side of the cafeteria where we usually sit. "Layla, where are we going?"

"Devon is not seeing you until class."


"no buts. just enjoy your muffin."

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