Friends are hard to find
Friends are hard to find friends stories

june44 Community member
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finding a friend in high school is hard.

Friends are hard to find

I was the weirdo. I didn't have any friends. Wait, no. I had one good friend. Megan, thank you for being my friend.

I started high school this year, and I was so afraid I wasn't going to have a friend by lunch. We had a school assembly and I was so confused before it even started.

So much movement! I kinda just stood there. Then, a brave soul saved me. Martina came and asked if I wanted to sit with her.

My point is, if you see a new kid at lunch, or school assembly, ask if they want to sit with you. My brother told me the best way to make friends is to sit down with the shy, 'nerdy' kids.

The unpopular people way outnumber the popular people. Take this info and USE it. Don't just say, noted, and move on. Let's make school a better place for everyone!

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