Chapter Four-Emma
Chapter Four-Emma bloodwolf stories

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Chapter Four-Emma

A few weeks later, Ian invited Devon, Sam, Eric, Layla, Patrick, Ian's friend, Janice, and I, to an ultimate game of truth or dare at his dorm room.

by then, Devon, Ian, and I had moved into the dorm building.

we all arrived, one by one, and sat in a circle. Ian had set out places. The order was: Janice, Ian, Layla, me, Patrick, Devon, Eric, Sam and back to Janice.

Patrick started. "Ian. truth or dare?"

"umm, truth."

"who is your best friend?"


Ian asked "Devon. truth or dare?" he had an evil smile on his face.


"is your crush in this circle?"

Devon paused. "yes."

"Sam. truth or dare?"


"I dare you to go without coffee for the rest of the day."

"WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!" they wailed.

After calming theirself, Sam asked Layla "truth or dare?"


"I dare you to boop your crush on the nose if they are in this circle."

Layla blushed and stood up. she turned and booped Ian on the nose. she broke the sound barrier, getting back to her spot, both of them blushing bright red.

Layla looked at Janice "truth or dare?"

"umm... truth"

"what is your favorite song?"

"russIan rouiette."

Janice asked me "truth or dare?"


"I dare you to try to make us guess a word."


"you have to."


I stood up and tried to act out the word 'ice'.

after 5 minutes,

"is it snow?" Patrick asked.

I shook my head and did the movement again.

"ice?" Sam tried.

"FINALLY!! that was terrible, Janice!" I complained.

"no. it was hilarious." Janice laughed

"truth or dare, Patrick?" I asked.


"do you have a crush on Janice?"

Patrick blushed and mumbled "yes."

"that's what I thought." I said, satisfied.

the game went on like that for a while. twenty minutes later, Devon got a truth that shocked him into silence.

"Devon. truth or dare." Janice asked.


"Who is your crush? you said they were in this circle."

he knew this one was coming, but it still shocked him.


"you have to tell us. spill."

Devon mumbled something.

"what?" Ian asked, grinning

"I HAVE A CRUSH ON EMMA!!" Devon burst out, then covered his face.

I was shocked. "D-Devon? you have a crush on me?" I saw he was bright red behind his hands. I moved over to Patrick and whispered, "could you ask me the truth or dare? I will say truth.

you ask if I like Devon back. ok?"

"sure, kiddo." he whispered back.

We continued playing for a few minutes, Devon excluded, then Patrick asked me "truth or dare, Emma?"


"do you like Devon back?"

Devon's head popped up and looked at me. I blushed, even though I asked for the question and responded, "yes, I do."

Patrick made me switch spots with him and the game continued, with Devon this time. another few minutes later, Sam looked at their phone. "OMG guys! it's 10:47.

I need a solid 8 hours of sleep or i'm a total zombie." Patrick, Eric and Sam left.

the game got faster, and more interesting.

Ian dared me to change into a dress for the rest of the game. Layla let me borrow one of hers.

I came back in a dark blue dress with lacy, off the shoulders sleeves and a floor length sparkly skirt.

the boys' jaws dropped open in surprise. I broke the silence. "just say it. I look hideous."

Devon shook his head fiercely. "you look..." It was the first time I had seen him struggle for words.

"amazing." Ian finished for him.

I rolled my eyes and walked back to my seat only stepping on the skirt a few times. "how do you wear this, Layla? I can't see where my feet are going." I tripped and fell as I reached my spot.

Devon reached out and caught me, saying "I guess you fell for me." I giggled at the cheesy pick-up line and he blushed.

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