across the lunchroom-4
across the lunchroom-4 sanders sides stories

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across the lunchroom-4


the bell rang and everyone stood and ran to class. i smiled as i remembered janus. he had grown up so much! he wasnt hiding his scales anymore. he even made it part of his style!

"you ok, padre?" romans voice broke through my daydream. i looked around, realizing we were sitting in class. roman was looking at me, a smirk spreading across his face.


"you like him~" he said. i flushed and looked away. "i knew it." he sounded smug.

*time skip*

logan and i walked out of science and started walking to our houses. *A/N somehow they all live on the same street! total coincidence, right?* roman ran to us and grabbed logan's arm.

"come on, logan! your wardrobe needs a major update!" i stood there confused. out of the corner of my eye, i saw remus pull the kiddo in the hoodie, virgil, in the same manner as roman.

the twins pushed janus and i next to each other.

"remus! what the hell are you doing?" janus yelled.

"language!" i said. janus apologized and i looked at remus. "whats going on?"

the twins shared a conspiratorial look. " we think you guys have some catching up to do." then the twins ran off, pulling virgil and logan behind them. janus rolled his eyes.

"remus, i swear to all things heaven and earth-" he cut himself off and looked at me. "sorry."

"its fine." i said. "wanna come over to my house? i could make cookies!"

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