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♡~d e s c r i p t i o n~♡

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection for someone but, is that really it? To you, what is love?

I hope you enjoy and like this story~

By: julienotjuly ♡

♡~m y s w e e t p s y c h o~♡

Last year, on Valentine’s Day... - G-get away, you psycho! I thought you were my friend... You knew I had feelings him! I gripped my knife tightly - Friend, I chuckled. You really thought I was your friend? Pathetic. You stole my senpai now, that’s not what a “friend” would do, huh? Blood everywhere, delightful...

Present time February 13th After what felt like an eternity, school was finally over. I was waiting outside of school for my girlfriend, Yuna Ito. ♡ She rushed towards me, feeling ecstatic. -Senpai! I have good news for you! My parents want to meet you tomorrow, on Valentine’s Day! Aren’t you excited?

She was jumping up and down, so full of joy. I was shocked at the news, I’ve always wanted to meet her parents ever since we were together. We talked all about it while walking home. Once at my house I kept thinking over and over what to do for tomorrow, its a special occasion that I couldn’t wait.

I didn’t want to ruin this occasion, I wanted it to be perfect. Since tomorrow’s gonna be Valentine’s Day, I searched up some recipes for macarons. I found a recipe that looks exquisite. I gathered all the ingredients and started making them.

After a while, I finished making the batter and the buttercream. I made them heart shaped and put them in the oven. My kitchen was a complete mess but, I didn’t care, I was too focused on making these macarons for my beautiful girlfriend. They didn’t turn out how I planned them to be, but as long as it comes from the heart. ♡

On Valentine’s Day I packed the macarons in a box and on my way there, I bought a bouquet of pink roses. Although I’ve wanted this to happen for a long time, my heart was racing fast. I was a bit hesitant to ring the doorbell but, soon did. *ding dong*

The door soon opened. -Senpai!, she said with a cute smile on her. I gave her the box of cookies and the bouquet to her. She was appreciative about it and gave me a kiss on the cheek which made me blush. She looked so gorgeous and I was happy that she’s in my life. ♡

- How sweet of you to give me these thoughtful gifts~ Come inside! We’ve prepared some delicious food for you! ♡ I went inside and it was a very comfortable and welcoming. We all sat down and ate. It was silent until her mom started telling all sorts of odd questions. The parents had a monotone expression.

I was sweating a lot, I felt a strange aura surrounding them... They kept glaring at me weirdly.I felt very uncomfortable. -Mom, can you please stop with the questions? Our guest is feeling uneasy. We should finish eating before talking to our visitor. I smiled at Yuna, signalling that I was thankful of her comment she gave to her parents.

I was done eating my lovely strawberry cake. The parents noticed that I had brought her macarons. -Sweetie, I see that your boyfriend had given you cookies, why don’t you try them... She immediately accepted the offer to eat my macarons. She was excited to try them.

-They’re so good! I can’t believe that you made them! You did such a wonderful job senpai! Wait... Did I already tell her that I made them? I must’ve had forgotten that I had told her, right? Something’s not right... I needed to use the bathroom. They told me it was upstairs -Oh! I almost forgot to tell you something important.

- Don’t go to the basement..., Yuna said in a more serious tone. The whole atmosphere changed after that. I quickly went upstairs, I opened a door which I thought lead to the bathroom but instead, it lead me to her brother’s room. He was in there. He looked... frightened for some reason.

He was looking at me and was pointing at me, I was confused as to why. -You... you’re not safe here... she’s coming for you... she’s not what you think she is, she’s a lunatic! -W-what are you talking about and who is “she”? -Her... you’re girlfriend, she’s a yandere...

I was in disbelief. -What kind of nonsense is that!?! She’s the sweetest person I’ve ever met! -Basement...check it...now... -B-bu-, I got cutoff -Now. If you don’t believe me, after that, he laughed like a maniac.

I didn’t want to believe him but, everyone was acting weird around me. I had to check, to be sure. I sneakily went in, it was dark so I used my phone’s flashlight to see what’s in front of me. My eyes widened. What I saw was horrifying. I saw pictures of me and blood everywhere, there was even lifeless bodies of no...no, no, no... I have to leave. This family’s crazy. I was about to leave until...

- Where do you think you’re going senpai~? -I-I can explain Yuna, I- -No need, I already know She had such a cold expression on her which gave me chills down my spine.

She came closer to me. I back away. -You know, if you just had listened to me, this wouldn’t have happened. -Why did you kill all of those innocent people, they did nothing! -Yes they did... They ruined my plans... They were in my way...

She gets even closer. I back away, touching the wall, it’s a dead end, no escape. -You see... Let’s just say they were in the way... -Why are you doing all of this...? -Because I love you... -Love? This isn’t love! You’re just a psycho Yuna!

-Psycho, huh? You’re just like her, she smirks. -Well, I guess no one can have you now. -W-what are you talking about? -If I can’t have you then, no one can! She quickly grabs a baseball bat and...

-Goodbye senpai~♡

She hits me constantly with the bat, making me bleed. I felt a large amount of pain, my adrenaline was kicking in but, it was no use anymore ... So this is how it feels... My eyes slowly close. -Goodnight forever, senpai... It can’t end like this...no...why me...? I guess in the end, I never got my happy ending... I see a ominous silhouette behind her but, everything fades to black...

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