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♡~d e s c r i p t i o n~♡

I know I have a heart because I feel it breaking... Flowers are surrounding me, I’m coughing up blood everywhere...I have the *hanahaki disease.

*hanahaki disease : hana, which means flower, and hakimasu, which means to throw up. It is a fictitious disease in which the victim coughs up flower petals when suffering from unrequited love... Sometimes this also removes the ability to ever love again.

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By: julienotjuly ♡

♡ ~w h e n f l o w e r s b l o o m~ ♡

April 14th 2009 8:35 am Today is the first day of school. I look at my watch and see that I had 10 mins left before class starts. I quickly ran to school so I wouldn’t be late, but instead, I bumped into someone...

It was a boy. He apologized for bumping into me and helped me up. He told me his name was Itsuki Takahashi and he actually comes to the same school as me. He asked to accompany me and I gladly agree.-Hurry or we will be late, he said while holding my hand.-O-ok..., I said, a bit startled.

Once we were at school, I thanked him and before I went to my class, he asked if I wanted to be his friend and hang out after school.I agreed immediately. -Goodbye!See you after school, he said. After he left to go to his class, I felt something... my heart was beating so fast around him...was it love?♡

April 14th 3:00 pm It was almost the end of the day, only 15 mins left. Usually I would concentrate on what we’re learning but today...was different... I couldn’t focus, all I could think of was him...he’s so dreamy~♡

April 14th 3:15 pm School was finally over! I get to see my crush~ Before packing up to leave the school, I look through the window and see that it started raining. I realized I didn’t bring my umbrella. I quickly ran over to Itsuki. Fortunately, he had an umbrella that we can both share. We went to a cafe to talk to each other. After, he let me borrow his umbrella since I didn’t have mine, how sweet~

July 17th 2009 3:20 pm I came back from school as usual with my crush accompanying me. I thought since school year is almost over and that we were so close with each other, that it was time I should confess to my senpai. I prepared with care a special letter just for him.♡

July 18th 2009 3:15 pm This is the day I’m gonna confess. I felt a bit nervous, my hands were sweaty, but I have to confess. Once I heard the bell rang, I quickly went under the cherry blossom tree near the school entrance, patiently waiting for him. The sakura petals were falling from the sky, the day was beautiful. I was ready to confess my feelings.♡

I waited till he comes out of the school. From a distance, I saw Itsuki near an indistinguishable figure. I tried calling his name, but it seems like he didn’t hear me, so I went to see what he was doing over there. When I was there, I saw...no...the scenery in front of me was my crush kissing with someone I thought was my friend, Aiko Fujita...-I thought you loved me...I felt my heart breaking into pieces.

-I thought you were my friend! You even knew that I liked him... why Aiko...-You really thought I was your friend? How pathetic. My heart sank after hearing those words. I felt tears falling down my cheek. I quickly left, not wanting to feel hurt even more...-W-wait Akari! Come back! he shouted while running after me.

He catched up to me and grabbed my wrist to stop me from running away.-What do you want from me? Let go of me! He started hugging me. I wanted to forgive him, but I pushed him away, denying this feeling. I quickly went back home, locked my bedroom door and bursted out crying and sobbing.

-I thought he was the one... I guess he didn’t think the same way...Why did I ever try to find love... I started coughing up blood and sakura petals everywhere .-H-huh? B-blood and petals? I was cleaning myself until I heard a call from...him...

He wouldn’t stop calling me until I answer, so I unwillingly answered... I stayed silent the whole conversation.-H-hello? Well if you can hear me, I just wanted to say sorry... I didn’t know you had feelings for me...C-can we still be friends at least? I won’t bother you anymore, so goodbye and I’m truly sorry...he hung up after that.

I wanted to also be his friend too, but I know his lover would be clingy and will always be near him which will give me bad memories about this moment... Also, she would separate us if she saw us together. At night, I tried to sleep ,but I kept thinking about that horrible moment. I started crying and coughing again. Suddenly, it got harder to breathe, it felt like something was stuck in my lungs...

July 19th 2009 6:30 am I was awoken up by terrible nightmares, I couldn’t sleep at all due to heavy breathing and coughing. I decided to search up my symptoms to discover my disease. After 30 mins of research, I learned that I had... the hanahaki disease. It’s a rare fatal disease which means I can die from it... I decided to skip school since I didn’t feel too well, I was throwing up sakura flower petals.

July 20th 2009 3:15 pm It’s the last school day, school just ended. Instead of leaving, I went to the rooftop. I took off my shoes and looked down.-I don’t know if I should keep living since I’ll suffer from this disease unless I...I sighed. I suddenly heard footsteps coming to my direction.-Hello Akari Tanaka... It was a girl who I don’t recognize.-Who are you and what do you want?

-You don’t need to know who I am...I just wanted to give you a favour involving them -I’m listening... -You see, why don’t you give them their own medicine, like they did to you we should...she whispered something into my ear... I agreed to her plan. I’ll give them their own medicine, they deserve it or do they?

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