You Are the World
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julieannmichell Community member
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Beautiful colors, Burning so bright,

You Are the World

Beautiful colors,

Burning so bright,

in the flame of love that is just for you

Have you ever imagined a sight like this?

So crystal clear?

So true?

With you,

You are the world..

and I am the universe that holds you day to night..

For you I only give you the brightest stars in the sky,

because you are such a sight to behold.

Your life is just beginning,

but soon it will all unfold

Hold onto the good things,

and ease away from the bad,

That is how you stay true to yourself,

and not spend your whole life wishing for something you never had.

I love you like a candle with a flame that never dies out,

In my eyes,

It is you that is perfect to me,

So wonderful,

Such a miracle..

without any doubt.

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