How Did This Happen
How Did This Happen sad stories

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I still don't know why.

How Did This Happen

I started off with two parents

Then I had one

And now here at 20 years old I have none

They just left in they're own ways

Neither of them died

And that's the reason I kept asking, why?

One moved out

The other got sad

And I guess sad turned into mad

And then that mad

Turned to me

Which is the beginning of my tragedy

My mind pulled me out

Every single time

I stood next to myself watching me cry

But she kept on hitting

Till my skin blackened

How did this happen?

We moved to a new house

It had old wooden floors

That soaked up blood stains from my old wars

But I kept on smiling

Cause no one would believe

That happy friendly mom would do that to me

But she kept taking me out

Like my own personal assassin

How did this happen?

High school started

And I fell apart

My own mom consistently shattering my heart

And I shouldn't have said it

I caused a jinx

Because it got worse in three blinks

Mad turned into rage

And she messed with my head

Told me things didn't happen and things were never said

I couldn't get a grip

My memories were getting hazy


Am I going crazy?

I swear that happened.

I remember saying that

You can't just change the story at the drop of a hat

You're my mother

Why are you hurting me?


Just tell me how to fix this

What can I do?

Because now I can't even say that I love you

You're a monster

A shape shifter

You can make me jump and scream with just a whisper

I can't do this anymore

I can't live with you

You go from fine to scary out of the blue

I'm leaving

I'm gone

I'm sorry mom

So I'd call him

My dad

Tell him about the awful day I had

He'd calm me down

And I'd start packing

Then I'd hear her talking

My phone would ring

It's my dad again

And my mom would open my door and slither in

I'm sorry Julianne

But you have to live with her



Did you even listen?

She threw hot coffee and her mug at me in the kitchen

She pulled my hair till strands were yanked out

She called me every name in the book

And threw chairs so hard our apartment shook

She's messing with my head

I don't know what's real

Now her belt and her fists are all I can feel

I just want this to end

Please make it stop

Help me please before I jump off this rooftop

Can't you see?

Don't you realize?

That I just want to die?


Your daughter

Does that not matter?

I would look at her

She looked at me with her cold blue eyes

And shook her head like she was about to cry

Like I betrayed her

Like it's my fault

And my stomach would do the same somersault

When my dad said no

And I would just sit there and cry

Knowing this wasn't the first time

Or the last

How did this happen?

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