Why AK909 is great
Why AK909 is great @ak909 stories

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Why AK909 is great

AK909 is pretty awesome as you may have gathered from the title

unless you didn't read it...

WHY you ask? I doubt you did ask because 1.) It's not normal for you to talk out loud to your computer at a time like this (I know because I've been watching you through your window for the past few weeks.) 2.) you already KNOW why but I'll recap for you

MY LIST (TAKE IT AS GOSPEL) 1.) His name is Ara which is a pretty cool name 2.) he makes really creative and funny content! like Q&A, Zodiac signs, rubber band trivia facts (I won't spoil it but it's pretty shocking) 3.) His profile picture is an anime person...

yes, I know. I can practically FEEL the rage of all you anime fans reading this. I'm sorry, okay? I'M SORRY confession: I've never watched anime before or listened to K Pop. and I don't know the name of anybody who you'll bring up to me so I'll just smile and nod

4.) He is knowledgable in the arts of Wii sports. 5.) He's the ONLY ONE who gave me something to make for you when I asked! (You all disappoint me...) 7.) He realized that I skipped a number! or at least he did now 8.) Amen

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