The Stuff Not Talked About With Mental Illness honest and without shame
The Stuff Not Talked About With Mental Illness

honest and without shame mentalillness stories

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The Stuff Not Talked About With Mental Illness honest and without shame

it's aggressive there were many times I've wanted to bash my head against a wall until it would just stop

it's gross I have gone a sickening amount of time without brushing my teeth at my worst. well over a few months

it's not always apparent I had a huge smile on my face and seem totally fine and then a week later be rushed to the hospital.

it's scary looking down at your own body and seeing it covered in cuts can be a lot at times it can be shocking even

it's always always always going to linger I will never not be the one who tried to kill herself. That is what I am now to my family and my friends The one who they look at with a sad, pitying face whenever something comes up about depression or suicide

it's not a joke I remember eating lunch at school with some people. they were playing a game and there was some suicide-depression stuff in it. One of their characters committed and they were laughing about it like it was a joke. It's not. It's not funny. It's not.

It's heavily stigmatized I have heard people call those who passed by suicide weak, pathetic, dramatic. I have heard people mock those who passed by suicide, make jokes about them. It's always oh so funny until it happens to someone close to you.

YOU DON'T CHOOSE IT You do not choose to have a mental illness and you cannot simply "get over it" or "stop being depressed" and a motivational speech is not going to magically cure anybody

You cannot guilt somebody into getting better I have heard people call depression selfish, call it overdramatic, call it attention-seeking. Say that to someone who just lost their child, parent, friend, loved one to depression

Mentally ill should not be used as another word for dangerous or psycho quite honestly, the word psycho shouldn't be used to describe a mentally ill person either. Psychotic has nothing to do with being a psychopath. They may sound similar but they are not the same thing.

Psychosis doesn't make you dangerous I had a psychotic break not too long ago. I was not dangerous. I was not a crazy monster. I had Psychosis. I wasn't a psychopath. (ie Ted Bundy) Very different

addiction IS a disease I have an addiction. both my (bio) parents have addictions I do not want to go further into it than that but it isn't a choice when you have an addiction. You CAN, however, make the choice to start to get better. I am not saying that you don't make the choice to get right

the scars don't ever go away but that doesn't have to be a bad thing one day I will be able to look at them and see growth and strength instead of my perceived weakness and painful memories

It's time to be selfish now hear me out this is what they told me in the hospitals when you are getting better and recovering, it's about you. It's about YOU getting help. It's okay to be selfish and fix yourself first. You need to think of yourself when you are healing from a mental illness this doesn't mean being an asshole all the time

The stigma is real So many people have let shame keep them from getting the help they need.

Relapse I think it's a solid assumption that a good amount of people have a relapse. Luckily, you've got the same chances of getting better every time. Whether it's an alcohol or drug addiction, an eating disorder, depression or anything really. It's nothing to be ashamed of either. It doesn't make your

hard-ass work to recover any less incredible

If anyone needs to hear it, you're doing a really good job and you ARE worthy of love, happiness, recovery, and freedom from whatever you are living through right now, in the past, and in the future look at the little things that you've done. maybe you got out of bed today, or ate breakfast, maybe you were sober today

you looked at yourself in the mirror and smiled. You did SOMETHING. you know you did. give yourself some credit because you deserve it. Every step counts when you are healing. Every single one because even a tiny step is bigger than nothing at all. you're gonna be okay because you are doing good. you got it. I want you to be proud of yourself.

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