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juliahamilton Hello, Goodbye
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we all have those days when we're more bothered by past things than usual, I think. This is the calm version

the calm version

dear mom, I hope you can find something to live for

and but the bottles down and see the good in the world that's become nothing but a bore

I hope you know that after all that's happened there's no way I could hate you

and that I just wish over everything else that I could have you

I know you're hurting too and that it's selfish

to victimize myself when we're all our lives are hellish

who am I to assume what was going on in your head?

and I'm sorry that I blamed you for me wishing I was dead

and listen, I'm still mad and I'm not excusing all you did

but I'm gonna be the bigger person instead of that little kid

I know you'll never see this message I wrote to you

but when I see you again all I said will still be true

mother, I still love you

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